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Politics 2012: Will Bachmann hold on -- and other questions

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In France -- and probably other more enlightened countries, at least when it comes to elections -- forbids all paid advertising by candidates. The media are required, however, to give them free air time to present their qualifications and let voters observe their personalities.

We could learn a lot about elections from comparing our propagandistic and obscenely expensive campaigning to those where propaganda, often funded by organizations who wish to remain anonymous, is eschewed in favor of the basic information on which to choose a candidate.

It'll be intereting to see what Rep. Bachmann does on Wednesday. She is the heavy favorite to finish last in the Iowa caucuses; and if she does come in sixth Tuesday night, it’s hard to imagine her staying in the race through the Jan. 10 New Hampshire primary.

Will she run for re-election in Minnesota? Her district is likely to be realigned because of the 2010 census, and she could be pitted against an incumbent DFLer.

I just don't see our gal Michelle running for Congress again. After the big-time spotlight of the Presidential campaign, it's hard to believe she'll be walking in the (insert town here) Fourth of July parade when it's 94 degrees without a cloud in the sky.

Of course, if God tells her to...

#3 I wish I thought you were right, but I expect she'll run for Congress again. What other option does she have? I suppose it's possible God will tell her to run against Klobuchar, but I can't believe that even she's delusional enough to think she can win state-wide against a center right candidate like Klobuchar. That leaves either two years 'til Franken, which she may as well spend in the House -- unless Fox comes through with a cushy consultant's offer.

As of today Bachmann is toast, Iowa is her Waterloo. Her campaign is broke, everyone knows she'd be a disaster in a campaign against Obama, and she'll come in last today in Iowa. Does anyone know if she ever filed the papers so she can run for her house seat again?

#5 She has until June to file for the house.

Thanks Lora #6.