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Bachmann to seek 6th District seat despite redistricting

Rep. Michele Bachmann

REUTERS/Jason Reed

Rep. Michele Bachmann

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Comments (11)

Be still me beating heart!

The thought that McCollum could be replaced by Bachmann is indescribably pleasant!

You're in your own little

You're in your own little world, aren't ya?


Don't get too excited, Swift. That won't be happening. First, Bachmann would lose badly to McCollum. Second, Bachmann has said she'll run in the sixth CD. The people in that district don't/won't care where Bachmann lives, they'll vote for her.

Which is exactly why the DFL needs to ceed that ground and not waste money there.


She didn't represent the old 6th even when she lived in it as an Iowa girl. Why should not living in the new 6th change anything for her? Should she be elected she can continue to collect her fat salary and to die for health insurance without lifting a finger.

And may the best man win

Er, you know what I mean. I'm salivating at the thought of a televised debate.

Gutless Wonder

Faced with the opportunity to take on a big spending liberal and her America-hating agenda, Bachmann has turned tail and run. If you can't take on a Democratic Congressional Representative you surely are unqualified to be leader of the free world.

Bachmann is a gutless wonder.

Does this mean big changes for the Stillwater bridge plans?

Now Stillwater is most likely to be represented by someone who prefers the smaller bridge.

There used to be a name for

There used to be a name for those candidates that were not of a district or even the state--carpetbagger.

Ms. Bachmann, who embodies Iowa, and Mr. Cravaack, who splits his time between Minnesota, New Hampshire and DC.

A self proclaimed Iowan

Why would Bachmann run in Minnesota. While pandering for votes, in her failed presidential run, in Iowa proclaimed she is an Iowan. With a record of zero accomplishments I guess that is what the sixth district wants and deserves. It is time to demand progress out of our politicians. I still have an indelible image of Bachmann hanging around the neck of George W. Bush, that most conservative of conservatives, from one of Bush's State of the Union Speeches. She stood by silently while Bush did his dirty deeds. It is once again time for her to be silent.

Don't you dare send her back.

I live in Iowa, and most of us are exceedingly happy that Bachmann lives in Minnesota. I don't know where she got enough people to vote for her, but we want them to stay in Minnesota too. We have enough problems with Steve King in Iowa. the two of them here would be just too much.

Bachmann already whining

She sent out a whiny little campaign fundraiser blaming the "liberal court" for being out to get her. Only one on the panel was appointed by a Democrat, but what do facts matter when you have the most professional victim on the planet!