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Klobuchar picks up another Republican challenger

Pete Hegseth, an Afghanistan war veteran who helped organize support for President George W. Bush’s troop surge in Iraq, has filed paperwork to run against Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar, he told the Star Tribune.

Hegseth, a 31-year-old political rookie, joins former state Rep. Dan Severson, St. Bonifacius City Councilman Joe Arwood and activist Anthony Hernandez in the campaign to find a Republican challenger to take on Klobuchar. The first-term Democrat is popular and well-funded, and Hegseth told the Strib he’s not underestimating her:

“We understand the uphill battle,” Hegseth said. “We understand she’s perceived well. We understand she’s got a lot of money, and that a lot of other candidates have decided to hold off and not run against her. But I’ve never been afraid of long odds, I’ve never been afraid of the David-versus-Goliath scenario.” Klobuchar’s campaign did not return calls for comment.

Like some of Klobuchar’s critics on the left, Hegseth, running from the right, seems ready to attack Klobuchar on her greatest political asset: Her image as a likeable, non-controversial, centrist Democrat.

“I’m running to represent Minnesota, because we live in times of great consequence,” Hegseth said. “I think we deserve leadership that doesn’t shy away from large, important issues and problems facing our nation.”

Anne Neu, a Republican operative who worked for Rep. Chip Cravaack during his upset congressional campaign in 2010, will run Hegseth’s campaign, according to the Strib.

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  1. Submitted by Nick Coleman on 02/22/2012 - 09:50 am.


    Young Mr Hegseth did not just fall of a turnip truck. He rolled back “home” to Minnesota aboard a well-financed, politically connected, powerful artificial turf truck fueled by Rovian right-wingers: Maybe some MinnPost readers remember the fight in Forest Lake he sparked in 2008 when he came to town blowing a bugle: His Own. Hegseth is not afraid to demagog for attention. See this:

  2. Submitted by Bill Gleason on 02/22/2012 - 01:15 pm.

    Mr. Hegseth as a GOP candidate?

    As the relevant skit goes on Saturday Night Live: “Really, Really???”

    One of the benefits of Mr. Hegseth as a candidate is that he can draw outside money from the right. This will allow the Minnesota GOP to not waste their money on a fool’s errand – putting up a credible opponent for Amy Kobuchar.

    Unfortunately for Mr. Hegseth (and the Minnesota GOP) he has left numerous footprints that will no doubt be followed by the DFL should the GOP be so unwise as to nominate him.

    For example:

    Meet Kagan’s Astroturf Military Attackers

    “While a student, he [Hegseth] started the Princeton Tory, a conservative school paper funded with thousands of dollars from national right-wing groups, including the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, Leadership Institute, and YAF. Hegseth used the Tory’s pages to attack “atheist public schools” while advocating spanking and “a return of the acceptability of the ‘homemaker’ vocation.” He also called the National Organization for Women “a radical, leftist, feminist organization” and, for a would-be Army civil affairs officer, did a really poor job of predicting success in Iraq in late 2002.”

    Unfortunately there’s lots more out there. Whatever happened to due diligence?

    That the Minnesota GOP would even consider such a candidate indicates how desperate they must be. With Santorum, or even Romney, at the top of the ticket along with Hegseth, it will be a gruesome November for the right.

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