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Bachmann: 'We are surrounded by those who benefit from socialism'

Rep. Michele Bachmann

MinnPost photo by Devin Henry

Rep. Michele Bachmann speaking to during a Tea Party Patriots press conference on Tuesday.

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Comments (22)

Is it benefitting from socialism

to accept government payment for treatment at Bachmann & Asociates or to accept federal agricultural subsidies, Rep. Bachmann?

Very interesting that

Very interesting that Bachmann believes socialism benefits many. Maybe it's worth another look.

By "surrounded by those"....

did she mean her family members receiving the farm subsidies or her husband's clinic?


Now there is a hunt we should explore!

Hypocrisy, thy name is Shelley Bachmann

In Our Gal's twisted view of reality (which normal people recognize as delusional), those terrible "Activist Judges™" are changing the law to suit the desires of rabid unAmerican protesters.

How ironic that Our Gal has now become one of those protesters, proclaiming The End of Days is near: that the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional, even though she's a dim bulb when it comes to the law, a pathological liar, and someone who doesn't even know the meaning of Socialism. She's advocating for SCOTUS to become those horrible Activist Judges™ she rails about and strike down a law merely because she and her nutty cultists don't like it.

If any of those nuts truly wanted to take politics out of healthcare, then the GOPers and Tea Party crazies wouldn't spend all their time trying to push an agenda of passing bills that reward greed and inefficiency by trying to force everyone to pay ever-increasing insurance rates to private insurance companies, and take away choices from people so they can make healthcare decisions in their best interest. Instead, our Congress critters are perfectly happy to keep their millionaire status and their taxpayer-funded healthcare, just as long as We the People don't have the same opportunities.

Our Gal's cult followers would be much better off if they looked in the mirror for the source of their problems, both real and perceived.


Very true indeed, it seems to lean to the adage of DO WHAT I SAY, NOT WHAT I DO.
If you ever go to Europe, and visit their medical system, it seems to work pretty well for all the citizens, not perfect, but acceptable!
If you listen to O'Bachmann, and her T Party followers, they are such hippocrites, they could care less about there fellow citizens, who have less, and most of them call themselves, Christians?
Where does their thinking come from.
To me, they are very unbalanced and hippocritical in their thought, and deeds.

Goldman, Sachs and Wells Fagro Ltd.

I had to re-read the article. When Bachmann said she was surrounded by those befitting from socialism I would have thought she was in the middle of Wall Street. Or maybe on the fifty yard line of an NFL stadium.

What really galls me

about Ms. Bachmann, is that she continually accuses the president of promoting class warfare, while she so casually dismisses a large crowd of her fellow Americans as socialists, simply because of a differing opinion.

Above comment

You are so very correct!
As you will soon realize, the republicans that are pushing the envelope now are so radical, and archaic in most of there thinking that it is really REDICULOUS!
According to most republicans, we should do nothing for those less fortunate than ourselves!
And yet they hypocritically for the most part call them Christians? Unbelievable logic!

Maybe Michele

Can get a new heart like Cheney with her premium health care coverage and treat people who disagree with her more fairly. By the way, pay your campaign debt.


I agree that she should get an honest job now and pay her million dollar campaign debt!
I differ with your thought that Dick Cheney should not have gotten a heart transplant!
After all he was the vice president of our country, and in my thinking is certainly entitled to have gotten this transplant, regardless of which party he belongs to!
These people were elected by us, served us, and should have some perks.

Maybe Michele

Can get a new heart like Cheney with her premium health care coverage and treat people who disagree with her more fairly. By the way, pay your campaign debt.

What is she saying...

...all those Medicare using Tea Baggers surrounding her are Socialists?

The Original Space Cadet

What are the odds that we will hear during her bid for re-election this fall the presidential campaign speeches that she used in Iowa with just the locations changed to fit her new campaign effort? How do you spell hypocrite – Michele Bachmann!!!!!


Not only a hypocrite, but a totally out of touch radical politician, that should be gone from the public arena.

We are not Greece (yet)

Republicanism may be distinguished from other forms of democracy as it asserts that people have unalienable rights that cannot be voted away by a majority of voters. Alexis de Tocqueville warned about the "tyranny of the majority" in a democracy, and advocates of the rights of minorities have warned that the courts needed to protect those rights by reversing efforts by voters to terminate the rights of an unpopular minority.

Socialism has been tried, and it fails every time.

I'm Searching In Vain

Socialism has worked pretty well for the NFL and the TV networks. So if the Tea Party really hates socialism, they'd descend on the State Capitol en masse to lobby their beloved GOP legislators against Ziggy's palace. They're AWOL on that score.

But don't hold your breath waiting for that. It's much easier to take on welfare recipients and compare those human beings to animals. (Then turn around and tell us how pro-life one is.)

Socialism has failed?

My relatives in the social democracy of Norway live very well. Prices and taxes are high, but that doesn't seem to prevent them from taking overseas vacations with their mandatory four weeks off, and they never have to worry about being bankrupted by health care expenses or student loans.

In Sweden, I attended services at an English-language church, where one of the members told me during coffee hour that the Swedish safety net is so strong that only hardcore alcoholics and drug addicts fall through the cracks. This particular church therefore expresses its charitable impulses by partnering with churches in Eastern Europe, where the sudden transition to capitalism has created great hardships. (The transition created millionaires and billionaires but left many people worse off than before for a variety of reasons.)

I would submit that neither Michelle Bachmann nor most of her listeners know what socialism is. It's simply their label for anything they don't like.

I read the headline and immediately thought:

"Yes, Michelle. You ARE surrounded by those who benefit from socialism. You work in the U.S. Congress with the best government-provided medical and retirement benefits on the planet. So clearly you have no reason to care about anyone else."

Why doth socialism not prosper?

To paraphrase the old quote about treason, it's because when it doth prosper none dare call it socialism. The right is all over countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, even France and Germany about being "socialist" except when you point out that they actually work and average people in these countries live much better than their American counterparts. The right has been very successful in helping millions of people, like Bachmann and her groupies delude themselves and believe many things that are obviously or provably untrue.

Michelle O'Bachmann

She is so far out in her thinking, and her constant badgering of democrats, and our current president, that anything that seems to come out of her mouth is so very twisted.
I wish she would just go home take care of her family, including her adopted kids, which incidentally, I think is very admirable, and forget politics and do what she does best.

They weren't adopted

Michele and Marcus took in foster children, for which they received monthly stipends. You know - socialism.