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Bachmann to endorse Romney on Thursday

The endorsement will come at an event in Portsmouth, Va., just outside of Norfolk, at an afternoon rally. Virginia is one of a handful of battleground states in this November’s election. A Public Policy Polling survey of Virginia voters shows President Obama leading Romney 51-43.

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Unintended consequences

Bachmannn's endorsement will probably cost Rmoney the last of the independent voters who will determine the election.

Tasteless action is self serving

Her "endorsement" is purely self serving and if not part of an already done deal is part of the ongoing strategy of meeting her needs for a continuing "role" in the national picture. What a joke. Unfortunately, her presence on the scene is a testimony to the failing of our nation, so there's really nothing funny going on at all. She's not the first seamy pol to promote a shady form of sunshine, but she's a local embarassment that belongs on another planet. Just my opinion.

This should address the

This should address the problem of retiring the remaining 1 million in campaign debt from the Bachmann presidential campaign. Mr. Gingrich with his 4.3 million in campaign debt can't be too far behind either.

As Mr. Romney knows, there is no such thing as a free lunch

"I'm here to lend my voice...."

shrilled Bachmann on a clip of her Romney endorsement earlier today on MSNBC. Then they played Edith Bunker singing her line in Those Were the Days. Same cringing effect.

Please 6th District, PLEASE do the the right thing in November. Only you can make her go away.