Michele Bachmann’s formal endorsement a big unity step for Romney

Rep. Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney

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  1. Submitted by Logan Foreman on 05/03/2012 - 11:23 pm.

    Bachmann endorsement

    The kiss of death

  2. Submitted by TOM ALCIERE on 05/04/2012 - 06:17 pm.

    Republican Party unity

    There is only one way to achieve Republican Party unity, and that is to unite behind Ron Paul. We Paulistas cannot stomach Romney and his pro-war, anti-Constitution, big government positions. So, even if Romney wins the nomination and then wins all 50 States & DC in November, we will still put Ron Paul into the White House by putting Ron Paul supporters into the Electoral College, a process I explain in a video (8.4 minutes) at

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