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House debates deep cuts to food stamps in farm bill

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Lets be unfair

If we are going to cut 16.5 billion over 10 years from programs for the most needy, we should then, in keeping with our new traditions, give 16.5 billion to agricultural gen tech firms so they can continue to warp the genetic code of the food we eat for profits sake.


No mention of the approx 20% of US children who live in poverty and most of whom rely on the food stamp program. To escape the cycle of poverty these children need to be fed to make it through school and become productive citizens. Education should be a priority at all levels of government but to many politicans it is just more fodder for rehetoric and cruel budget cuts.

The Repubicans in the House

Don't just oppose health care for poor children, they don't want to feed them either. Perhaps starvation will keep them out of the emergency room and lower costs.


The same people that want to cut food aid to the least among us are the same people who want a large increase in the already bloated Pentagon budget.