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Minnesota delegation splits along party lines on Affordable Care Act repeal

The final vote was 244-185. The bill will go nowhere in the Senate.

Republicans held a marathon debate on the bill on Tuesday. Republican Rep. John Kline called the law “flawed and failed” and pitched the repeal effort as a jobs plan, warning that the ACA was scaring employers away from hiring workers.

“Hundreds of additional boards and bureaucracies, thousands of pages of complex regulations, billions of dollars in tax hikes, and trillions of dollars in new government spending,” Kline said. “These are the burdens the health care law has piled on the backs of working families and job creators.”

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Liberal members of the delegation, meanwhile, praised the law and slammed the efforts to repeal it. Rep. Betty McCollum called the effort a “gimmick that panders to the Tea Party.” Rep. Keith Ellison called it “political theater at its worst,” and introduced a (easily defeated) motion to adjourn, saying in a statement, “If Speaker Boehner is going to waste time on partisan legislation that isn’t going anywhere, members of Congress should be in their districts listening to their constituents.”