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Ellison, Fields get personal in debate

Ellison released a statement after the debate: “In response to my opponent’s false statement, I made an uncivil reference to him. I should not have done so. I acted beneath my personal standard as a public official, and I apologize. … His untrue reference to the terms of my divorce was over the line, but my comment to him was over the line too. His tactics are no excuse for my departure from civility. I will not allow this to happen again, and I regret my action.”

Comments (4)

  1. Submitted by Tom Anderson on 10/20/2012 - 10:52 pm.


    A U.S. Representative calls an opponent a “lowlife scumbag” on the radio and there are no comments?

  2. Submitted by Matt Haas on 10/21/2012 - 10:51 pm.

    Well if the shoe fits…

    What else is there to add?

  3. Submitted by Tom Anderson on 10/22/2012 - 09:39 pm.

    “Democratic” in front of U.S. Representative


  4. Submitted by Steven Prince on 10/23/2012 - 09:46 am.

    Not a shining moment for either debater, it reminded me of a Saturday Night Live sketch. Perhaps Minnesota lexicographer Chirs Kluwe should have the last word (with his defense of calling out four NFL stars for putting their own interests ahead of the other players):

    “P.S. I respect all four of the people I called douchebags (Manning, Brees, Mankins,
    and Jackson). That’s why I used the word ‘douchebag’ instead of ‘asshole’ or ‘fuckwit.’
    Someone acting like a douchebag can still be redeemed; generally it’s a momentary
    lapse of judgment. There’s no hope for asshole fuckwits.”

    Nice to know that whatever someone calls you, there is a chance for redemption.

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