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Presidential politics begin in Minnesota one week out

President Barack Obama

REUTERS/Jason Reed

Obama’s Minnesota campaign manager Jeff Blodgett said the one-two punch of the ad buy and the Clinton visit is symptomatic of the overall importance of Minnesota.

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Clinton's coming to MN because of WI

There's 150,000 WI voters in the Twin Cities media market, and that's why he's coming. Going to Duluth is a two-fer: Nolan & Superior.

Messina may be wrong

I think Mitt has a great shot here in Minnesota. Don't fool yourself. Not everyone is falling for 0bama and his web of half truths and dancing around the major issues. See Libya for example. I personally have never been so fired up to vote as I have been this year. I too fell for the Hope and Change bs from 4 years ago. Not this time.