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Obama wins second term; congressional control remains the same

President Barack Obama

REUTERS/Jason Reed

President Barack Obama speaking during his election night victory rally in Chicago early Wednesday morning.

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Comments (2)


Do I hear the chirping of crickets or is it just the silence of our reliably outrageous commenters? Guess the public was smarter than the pundits to the trolls.

Yes, and the silence is golden

While I tune in to conservative radio now and again just to attempt to understand them, now is a particularly good time to hear their reactions.

Upon licking their wounds, will they go back to the big tent and inclusion effort? Will they realize the majority now supports the minorities? Will they realize *they* are now the minority? Are we done with the talk of rape and birth control? Can we move forward with healthcare and equal pay efforts? Will we get things done in Washington? Or will they miss the opportunity to get on board with the rest of the world and be more progessive and fair? Extreme social issues turned out to bad for their elections this time around, or will we discover that's truly their cause celebre?