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Klobuchar, Franken accept — diplomatically — modest filibuster change

Klobuchar, Franken accept — diplomatically — modest filibuster change
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst
In the past, both Klobuchar and Franken have advanced plans to overhaul the much-maligned filibuster.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” Franken said in an interview. “The Senate has been dysfunctional for some time now because of the unprecedented number of filibusters that we’ve had in the last two Congresses, and the purpose of these filibusters has been to really, deliberately gum up the works and slow things down, to run out the clock so the Senate couldn’t get things done. … I think this will speed things up.”

Even Democrats who had demanded tougher rules were diplomatic in the end. Oregon Democrat Jeff Merkley, who worked with Udall on a more robust package of reforms this month, told the Oregonian, “It's a few modest steps … I absolutely thought we should have gone further,” but he would go on to vote for the package.

Mondale 'disappointed'

Off Capitol Hill, however, Democrats were distressed by the compromise. Common Cause, a liberal group challenging the constitutionality of the filibuster in court, said Reid had “gone missing in the fight for filibuster reform … It’s now clear that the Senate will not fix the filibuster and the President lacks authority to fix it. We must turn to the judicial branch to enforce the Constitution.”

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Comments (3)

Just Great!

Just great, now there will be inaction one day sooner. That is real progress. If they want to filibuster something they should at least have to have to be fully involved in the process during the duration of their filibuster. I bet they are having a hard time wiping the smirk off of McConnell's face, because he is jumping with joy. Why are they compromising with the Republicans who have wiped the word compromise from their dictionary. Harry Reid has been lying to the electorate for the paste few months to keep people off his back and then he agreed to what he said wouldn't do. The electorate has the worst set of congressional representatives ever. The 112th congress was they worst but the 113th isn't showing they plan to improve.

Shame On Them

Once again the need for reform was trumped by some perverse need to preserve the integrity of the Senate. News flash folks - your integrity died a while back. Apparently you missed the memo on that.

Gutless Democratic Senators

Once again, Democrats in the U.S. Senate voted to keep that body shamefully dysfunctional. The excuse seems to be: if we go to a 51-vote rule -- and if we lose control of the Senate, we'll want our minority rights protected. This is an absurd and dishonest argument. Does anyone seriously believe that once in control of the Senate, the Republicans would NOT adopt a 51-vote rule to ram their programs through? We know all too well that the Republicans are not as gutless as our Democrats.
Shame on you, Dems! And, Senators Klobuchar and Franken, you dishonor yourselves and patronize those Minnesotans who voted for you!
-- John Milton, former State Senator, Afton