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Michele Bachmann, quiet congresswoman

Michele Bachmann, quiet congresswoman
REUTERS/Joshua Lott
Rep. Michele Bachmann has grown quieter, cautious and in some respects, more conciliatory since eking out a victory in November.

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This woman is pitiful. She does not represent human beings, she clearly would have loved to rule the masses, now no longer possible, even in her outlandish dreams of power. Her best move is to abdicate and let a real human being with concerns for human beings fill the post.

Still beatable

While this is a good strategy, what she has introduced (thank you for putting that in the article) still speaks louder than her PR strategy.

Jim Graves was an excellent candidate and just basically the kind of good sensible - involved in the community - smart but compassionate business - guy we want to think of as the kind of person that would grow up here in Minnesota. I hope he runs again. He would have my vote.

He probably even knows you can't be a Swiss citizen and serve in the US congress. Although that takes the cake as the looniest (which is an insult to our state bird) thing she has done. Well maybe not.


Thank god she's shut up for a while. The lady is nothing but an embarrassment to the state every time she speaks in public. What's the old adage? It's better to be silent and thought a fool than to open your mouth and erase all doubt.

The next election will turn her into yesterday's hotdish.

It turns out the titanium spine is made of macaroni.

Maybe she can't get a word in edgewise

The President is out campaigning every day that he isn't golfing and the press rightly uses ink to cover him leaving little room for everyone else.


Are you kidding me? The press LOVES Bahcmann and prints every little missive she puts out. Drama sells, baby!

It sounds to me like you're still a little bitter that your guy lost.

It's a good life...

Let's see, an annual salary of $174,000 and a personal net worth increase from about $300k to $1.7m from 2007 to 2010. It should be no surprise that her highest priority is hanging on to a gig this good.