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Minnesota's lawmakers mostly pleased with State of the Union

Minnesota's lawmakers mostly pleased with State of the Union
REUTERS/Charles Dharapak
Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner standing to applaud President Obama during Tuesday's State of the Union address.

“Stronger families. Stronger communities. A stronger America,” Obama said. “It is this kind of prosperity – broad, shared, and built on a thriving middle class – that has always been the source of our progress at home. It is also the foundation of our power and influence throughout the world.”

To Republicans’ incredulity, Obama pledged to do all of it without increasing the federal deficit — in fact, he pledged to work with Congress to decrease the deficit in place of deep cuts to federal spending set to take effect next month.

Democrats keen on speech

So, who liked what?

Let’s get into the obvious responses first. The Minnesota delegation’s most liberal members were quickest to heap praise on the speech — Rep. Rick Nolan, sitting through his first State of the Union since the Jimmy Carter administration, called it “just one of the best speeches that I’ve ever heard.”

Reps. Betty McCollum and Keith Ellison applauded Obama for his rhetoric on gun violence. Both are big supporters of his gun-control push and said they were heartened to hear Obama call for votes on the package of proposals, which the Senate is currently considering. Ellison invited 17-year-old gun-control advocate Sami Rahamim to the speech, and McCollum said she’d been talking to law enforcement about Monday’s shooting death of an Oakdale child.

“We need to find a common ground on it, and I’m not going to give up in making our community safer,” she said. “We need to do what we can.”

Workforce development was on the minds of Minnesota’s senators, Amy Klobuchar and Al Franken.

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Comments (2)

I like the alternatives

I hope the Westminster Kennel Club Show keeps its schedule opposite the State of the Union.
The antics of the dogs are much more interesting than the antics of the politicians.

Perhaps Good Speech Delivery--Where was the Impacting Content

Stete of Union speeches sometimes have impacting content sometimes are time to rally the country and others become a bit of preaching the party line-- both parties have done all so this is a reality. Now as we move thur February to the 1 March Fiscal cliff shift/sequester milestone the dialogue of the nation, congress and the administration should be focused and prioritized to how the US budget income and outflow will be addressed to lower the debt-- this topic was clearly nearly completely missing from the speech. We heard time and time again that there will be no cost impact of more spending and other great campaign themes but where was the hard decision content regarding tax reform, entiittlements (some soft comments), spending control/cuts etc. Rolling the decisions forward does nothing. On the other hand economic growth will aid the budget but only partially. Bottom line is the American people are demandiing solid solutions for a) debt reduction and management; b) tax reform and rebalance of who pays what rate etc.;c)entitlement adjustments that protect those who are stressed; d) meaningful program reductions, and e) promoting econmic growth and jobs. These are the elements of a strong fiscal policy that must evolve. Leadership without constraints of special favors must be the focus. Who will lead to make this happen??? There are leaders but is anyone listening and acting.!!
Dave Broden