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House defeats Progressive Caucus budget, others

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Mr. Henry, what is your definition of "ideological"

And what makes the Congressional Progressive Caucus budget plan "highly ideological"? If in fact it were the only budget plan actually oriented toward the welfare of this country and the ordinary folks in it, would it still be "highly ideological"? If not, it seems there are some facts you need to examine, and some arguments you need to sustain, before describing it that way.


I guess tax and tax and tax with spend and spend and spend is not ideological?

Well, I understand "ideology" to mean a system of ideas

that is the foundation for action. "Tax and tax and tax with spend and spend and spend" (as you describe it; I would call it "strong collective action to ameliorate the deep market failure and resulting malignancies in our economy before they are fatal") is an action. It is founded on an ideology, but it is not an ideology.

To get to the point: What Mr Henry means by "highly ideological," I suspect, is that the Grand Muftis of Centrism find it to have a certain unpleasing odor and wish it therefore to be carried quickly elsewhere. And the Grand Muftis of Centrism find it to have a certain unpleasing odor because the ideology that underlies it is a fair and decent society in which those who play by the rules have opportunities and choices. This is in contrast to the budget plans that do have the right fragrance, because they are structured to consolidate the rents appropriated by the better folks over the past 12 years and to repair the debt/deficit on the backs of those who don't gavotte at the Grand Mufti balls. In other words, they're all ideological, it's just a matter of which ideology one prefers.

And the other point: The economy necessarily has private and public elements. The private economy drives productivity and creativity. The public economy addresses the market failures of the private economy. If you want smaller government and lower taxes, work for a private economy that is more fair and not so beset by market failure.