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Businessman Stewart Mills announces 8th District challenge to Nolan

Mills waded into the congressional gun control fight over the winter, releasing an "open letter" video directed toward Nolan and Minnesota's senators opposing new gun restrictions.

WASHINGTON — Mills Fleet Farm executive Stewart Mills formally announced his challenge to Democratic 8th District Rep. Rick Nolan on Wednesday.

"I look forward to earning support from voters like you who share my frustration with the lack of progress in Washington," Mills said in a statement on his campaign website. "Together we can work toward growing our economy, building up our middle class families and securing the freedom of our nation."

Mills waded into the congressional gun control fight over the winter, releasing an "open letter" video directed toward Nolan and Minnesota's senators opposing new gun restrictions. He's been considering a run against Nolan for some time, and he'll take his campaign on the road on Wednesday, touring London Rentals in Duluth and discussing job creation at a Fleet Farm construction site in Cambridge. 

Nolan defeated Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack by 9 points in 2012, and, to this point, most political prognosticators have considered him a heavy favorite to hold the seat next year. A spokesman told the Star Tribune, "Congressman Nolan welcomes anyone to the race who is willing to run for public office, but his sole focus will continue to be on governing and doing the job he was elected to do — not campaigning. There’s more than enough full-time campaigning going on these days.”

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Comments (11)

Since he's running on guns,

that means Mills is taking a risk that a loss will help show that politicians need not fear the gun lobby.

The "gun lobby?'

You mean gun owners, right? Because I'd vote for him on that alone and I don't belong to the "gun lobby," whatever that is.


Did this guy get an interview and a job offer (with Grandpa's company) based on merit alone? I only ask because most conservatives dislike affirmative action hires.

All other things being equal, I like a politician to have made his or her own way in the world and not made it based on hand outs.


Will you give him a chance like you'd want for yourself, or just hypocritically write him off?

where did that ....

new data come from reporting that it's the 1% of the 1% making the "donations" to politics ? Guess this is another. Isn't Fleet Farm a big gun sales source ?

Huh..I always liked...

...Fleet Farm. Not a problem though, they don't carry anything I can't live without.

Middle class

My favorite is when a born millionaire refers to "our" middle class families.

Hilarious comments

This guy actually worked in the family business. From the bottom up, no less.

Mark Dayton never worked a day in the family business that he allows low-information voters to think he was part of.

I'm sure none of Mills'

I'm sure none of Mills' co-workers or "supervisors" knew who he was.

Perhaps he had a disguise and changed his name.

And somehow, against all odds, he rose to the top.

Tell me another one, Mr. Tester.

More pseudo facts ....

Presented as reality by our favorite conservative troll. Can't use truth, so resort to slams against the poor and middle class.
Mark Dayton has NEVER represented that he worked at Dayton's, he was a teacher in NYC for disadvantaged kids. He walked his talk. Get your facts straight, AGAIN.

Fund raising

I just watched Mr. Mills pro 2nd video and I have to say I'm sorry I jumped to the conclusion that you were anti gun. Yes I can and will support your run for office...John Emerson...