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Bachmann nearly pays off presidential campaign debt, spends $175,000 on legal fees

WASHINGTON — Bachmann paid $49,000 in legal fees during the second quarter.

WASHINGTON — Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign debt continues to dwindle, and the campaign has begun paying off its legal fees. 

Bachmann paid down more than $100,000 in outstanding debt during the second quarter after transferring $140,000 from her congressional campaign committee. She has $30,000 in debt remaining, most of which is owed to Florida firm Robert Watkins & Co., whose Nancy Watkins serves as the campaign’s treasurer.

New Bachmann for President expenses include nearly $49,000 for legal fees and services paid to D.C. law firm Patton Boggs. Her congressional campaign sent the firm an additional $120,000. The firm represents Bachmann and her presidential campaign and has helped her navigate both a now-settled civil suit in Iowa and investigations into the campaign’s spending habits by a handful of organizations, including the FBI and the Federal Elections Commission. The presidential campaign also paid the firm $6,248 for earlier obligations.

Bachmann’s congressional campaign raised $822,000 and has $1.8 million on hand. On May 29, Bachmann announced she will not run for re-election.

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