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GOP begins long immigration reform process, focusing on border security

REUTERS/Samantha Sais
“It was very clear in the conversation that there was unanimous agreement that you’ve got to have real solid border security before you can take the next step,” said Rep. John Kline.
MinnPost/File/Craig Lassig
Rep. John Kline

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  1. Submitted by Todd Hintz on 07/11/2013 - 11:52 am.


    “border security” should be the last thing the GOP looks at, not the first. The whole proposition of a 700 mile long fence is a non-starter, a give-away to construction companies to build and maintain the fence and a huge expansion of the government payroll with 20,000 new agents added. And yet people can go through, under, and over these fences and walls in a matter of minutes. Just watch Penn & Teller’s video where they did exactly that: built a segment of wall and then gave the construction crew a bonus for the fastest team that could get through it.

    To sum it up: a fence is a failure before it’s even started.

    Immigration reform is easy to do. If you don’t want illegal immigrants to come here, then don’t hire them. No job, no paycheck, and they head home. Of course that would mean businesses would have to hire Americans at a much higher price than immigrants. I’m sure they would scream bloody murder at the higher production costs. And consumers would have to pay more for their goods and services, from lawn care to cleaning to roofing to their fast food burger. Are people willing to shell out a couple of extra bucks for their fries?

    What’s really going on here is the GOP wants to further the impression that they’re Doing Something about immigration, when in fact they’re doing nothing. If the fence doesn’t get built, then they’ll make political hay out of if and say they tried, but gosh darn it the other side wouldn’t let us get the job done.

    And if the fence does indeed get built, they’ll line up at the trough for the contracts and laugh all the way to the bank knowing full well that the fence won’t stop a single person. If the fence was effective and we deported every last illegal in the country, the meat packing industry (among many others) would instantly shut down from a lack of labor. How long would it be before they screamed bloody murder and the borders were opened up again? Ten, twenty minutes?

    I’m not impressed in the least with this solution the GOP is pushing. Until they come up with real solutions to real problems, all they’ll get from me is the back of my hand.

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