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Nolan opponent Stewart Mills' stake in Fleet Farm: Between $41M and $150M

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Am I Supposed To Believe That?

He's an "entrepreneur"? This guy was born on third base, and he's decided he hit a triple.

Oh please

The guy's worked in the family store since he was 14. Compare that to our other retail mogul politician Mark Dayton who never worked a day in his family's store. At least Mills earned his money.


Yeah Tester - he is worth 150 million dollars because he worked at the store. It is called inheritance - a gift, not earned income. BTW your source for this comment?

Check out his bio

on his website. Unless of course you think he's lying about his bio.

Don't know if he is lying or not

But I did see that his company takes money from the evil gov't to build more stores. Another socialist capitalist who makes big money from handouts paid by middle class taxpayers

I'm sure he had a real hard

I'm sure he had a real hard time working, do you think he ever had to ask for extra hours to make sure he could make his rent payment? He probably had a heck of a time getting his vacation requests approved.

Face it, he was born into an empire and doens't fully understand the value of a dollar. Just because he has a multi-million dollar share in a multi-million dollar company doesn't mean anything. Give me the same role and i'm sure I can hire a handfull of people at $60-80K/yr to run my business and make good decisions so it continues to expand and flourish.

Missing the point

The difference between Dayton and Mills, is that Dayton has never pretended that he did not come from privilege, while born millionaire Mills has the gall to call himself an entrepeneur. Its not Mills's money that is the problem, its his hypocrisy.

No complaints from Mills enterprises

I was very happy with long service from Mills GM in Brainerd. But I'll stay with Rick Nolan to look after this district in D.C.

2% club

It looks like we have two members of the 2% club running against each other.

I wouldn't consider Nolan a

I wouldn't consider Nolan a 2% guy, usually you have to be upwards of $250K/yr, however he sure is not hurting by any means.

It is quite obvious

if you want to look, that Nolan is, and has been, a representative of the Middle class. Mills is another of the wanna-be elite 'legislators' who would continue to ' feather the nests' of his rich supporters.


As someone who started and still runs a good size business and did so with no help from family resources I am put off by Mills spokesman describing him as an entrepreneur. Some one who is running a family business is not an entrepreneur; he is conserving the family assets and is best described as a personal asset conservationist or conservative for short. Good for him but to say he is an entrepreneur is an oxymoron. We entrepreneurs are too busy entrepreneuring to run for anything.

grammer goober

BTW, Nolan does not manufacture painting boards, called palettes. They make pallets, used to transport heavy items.