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Klobuchar: GOP Obamacare plans amount to ‘poison pill partisanship’

WASHINGTON — Klobuchar released a report Wednesday detailing what failing to raise the debt limit would do to the U.S. economy.

Klobuchar is the vice chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, which is chaired by Rep. Kevin Brady, R–Tex.
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Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Boehner took direct aim at Senate Republicans, saying: “The fight over here has been won. The House has voted over 40 times to change Obamacare, to repeal it. It’s time for the Senate to have this fight.”

Boehner tried to downplay concerns about whether the House GOP plan could provoke a government shutdown — or that he is a strong enough leader to ensure that won’t happen.

“The biggest part of any leadership job is to listen,” Boehner told reporters. “We have listened our colleagues over the course of the last week. We have a plan that they’re happy with. We’re going forward.”

A group of extremists is threatening to hold our economy hostage using the debt ceiling and the threat of a government shutdown to re-litigate the same battle over defunding Obamacare,” she said. “The president has made clear he would veto this, so it’s nothing but a partisan poison pill.”

Since the Congressional Budget Office has said a defund effort would add more than $100 billion to the deficit, Klobuchar said that “from a policy standpoint, from a political standpoint, it’s nothing but gamesmanship.”

“We are completely united on this,” New York Sen. Chuck Schumer said at the press conference. “We are not defunding Obamacare, and we are not negotiating on the debt ceiling. We believe, at least we hope, that the mainstream, reasonable Republicans, as they get closer and closer to the deadline, will come to their senses. If they think we’re going to back off, they’re wrong. They’re on another planet.”

Here’s Klobuchar’s committee report:

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JEC Debt Ceiling Report