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Campaign groups deploy early shutdown attacks in Minnesota

WASHINGTON — National Republicans’ and Democrats’ campaigning committees are already attacking members over their shutdown votes. 

WASHINGTON — That didn’t take long at all.

The competing national campaign committees for both Republicans and Democrats are already launching volleys at potentially vulnerable House incumbents over the federal government shutdown, and a handful of Minnesotans are targets.

We’ll start with the Republicans. The National Republican Congressional Committee is releasing a radio ad Wednesday against 10 Democrats nationally over their vote against a Republican-backed budget bill. In Minnesota, the NRCC is going after Reps. Tim Walz and Rick Nolan with an ad reading:

How out-of-touch is Tim Walz [or Nolan] with Minnesota families? So out-of-touch that he voted to shut down the government in order to protect Congress’ taxpayer funded healthcare! While Washington forces Obamacare on Minnesota families, Walz votes to give himself a break. Instead of living by the same rules as everyone else, members of Congress receive special subsidies to pay for their healthcare. And what are Minnesota families left with? Higher premiums, higher health care costs and less access to quality care. Washington is broken and its clear Walz is part of the problem.
 Call Tim Walz today and tell him it’s time to put Minnesota families first and stop the sweetheart deals for Congress.

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The ad focuses on Democrats’ vote against a plan to cut off health-care subsidies for members of Congress and staffers, who are required, under the Affordable Care Act, to purchase health insurance from state-based exchanges. The NRCC is not releasing details of their ad buy.

On Tuesday, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released automated phone calls against Republicans over their shutdown votes. In Minnesota, Reps. John Kline and Erik Paulsen were targets of calls saying:

While you were sleeping, Congressman John Kline [or Paulsen] shut down the government. You heard that right. But even worse — Congressman Kline is still getting paid — and he’s not listening to our frustration. All because of his demand to take away your benefits and protect insurance company profits.

According to MPR, the DCCC went after 63 Republicans nationally.

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