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Three Minnesota Democrats back Republican health-plan-cancellation bill

REUTERS/Brian Snyder
The House bill allows insurance companies to continue, for one year, to sell low-frills insurance plans that don’t meet the standards established by the ACA.

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  1. Submitted by Ron Gotzman on 11/15/2013 - 04:43 pm.


    Obama will not have to veto this Bill. Obstructionist Harry will never allow Amy K and big Al to vote on this legislation.

  2. Submitted by Jeff Michaels on 11/16/2013 - 08:44 am.

    Finally, some bi-partisan agreement

    Interestingly, this report as well as others I have read from the establishment media fail to note that, finally, some congressional legislation has received significant bi-partisan agreement.

    Bi-partisan support is important to liberals only when it backs legislation with which they agree.

    Equally interesting is how establishment media stories emphasize Democrats “failed to agree with their party leadership” rather than the bi-partisan support the GOP bill received.

    For certain, liberal bias remains strong in media establishment news articles.

  3. Submitted by Mike Downing on 11/16/2013 - 09:10 am.

    What’s with the title?

    Why did you feel the need to editorialize the title?

    Why not use “Three Minnesota Democrats back ‘You Can Keep Your Plan’ Bill”? This is consistent with the actual title of the Bill.

  4. Submitted by Gail O'Hare on 11/16/2013 - 10:25 am.

    These guys are Democrats?

    We’ve known for a very long time that Collin Peterson is not a Democrat. Now we know that Walz and Nolan aren’t either. To vote for this bill when the President had just offered a reasonable fix was simply self-serving. They’re determined to save their offices by caving, rather than educating their constituents about these fraudulent non-insurance plans. Most of the people facing cancellations never had real insurance to begin with.

    What these CYA Democrats should know is that millions of us contribute to candidates across the country. Because House Representatives can derail sound policy just as Senators can, we hold all members of Congress accountable, no matter what their state or district. We don’t support by party designation, because it can be so misleading.

    Oh, and about Klein’s story of the 20% increase? That’s been happening to my family for years. Once I went on Medicare our insurance leveled off. Single payer is still the only answer. Obama erred by trying to meet the “free market” folks half-way, and look where it’s landed us.

    • Submitted by Richard Callahan on 11/16/2013 - 06:16 pm.

      The democrats have become too ineffective to support

      Yes, the democrats continue to be cowardly, weak, and disappointing. I see nothing wrong with forcing people to buy adequate health insurance. Otherwise they are going to rely on the rest of us to pick up the pieces when they get sick and declare bankruptcy. Obama was stupid to promise people could keep their policies when his own people were advising him otherwise, but a strong leader would say he made a mistake and apologize for it, not screw up the implementation even more by backing off key provisions.

  5. Submitted by Rosalind Kohls on 11/17/2013 - 03:37 pm.

    chewing gum and baling wire

    President Obama didn’t even bother to consult with health insurance professionals whether his “fix” would even work. He came up with the idea within hours of meeting congressional Democrats. Obama only wanted something that would hold long enough to persuade Democrats to vote against the “You Can Keep Your Plan” bill.
    Fortunately, Peterson, Walz and Nolan know what their constituents know: Democrats promised Americans they could keep their plans if they liked them.

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