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Walz: Minnesota VA not caught up in growing wait-time controversy

WASHINGTON — Walz asked the state VA to detail its wait times as the House turns it attention to a growing scandal nationwide.

Rep. Tim Walz, a National Guard veteran and co-chair of the USO Congressional Caucus, spoke to USO volunteers in Washington on Wednesday.
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Performance goals and measures for VA mental health, primary care, and speciality clinics

For new patients, VA clinics aim to schedule appointments within 14 days of the request. For established patients, the goal is to schedule an appointment within 14 days of the patient’s desired date. As of March 2014, most Minnesota clinics were exceeding their goals, with the exception of primary care clinics dealing with new patients in Minneapolis and Mankato.

GoalProgress, March ’14
Mental health clinic
New patients70%80%
Established patients9599
Primary care clinic
New patients4743
Established patients9396
Specialty care clinic
New patients4348
Established patients9394
Mental health clinic
New patients7076
Established patients9599
Primary care clinic
New patients4778
Established patients9399
Mental health clinic
New patients7083
Established patients95100
Primary care clinic
New patients4735
Established patients9398