House passes Syria measure; McCollum, Nolan, Bachmann oppose

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel (L) and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey testified Tuesday during a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Iraq and Syria policy.

“There is no place for ISIL to exist in a just world,” Rep. Tim Walz, who supported the measure, said in a statement. “We must take proactive action to assist our allies around the globe to degrade and destroy ISIL and those who sympathize with their unjust cause.”

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  1. Submitted by Benjamin Riggs on 09/17/2014 - 05:36 pm.


    I’m very curious about the lack of news regarding Keith Ellison in the article. He was cited in earlier articles with very measured statements, so I’d love to see anything he formally said coinciding with the vote.

  2. Submitted by Wes Davey on 09/17/2014 - 06:50 pm.

    A rush to war

    We’re entering into war because two American journalists were beheaded? We should have sympathy for their families, but the journalists went there fully aware of the danger and they were willing to take that risk. Having read about these two men, I can’t believe that their families would want a war started because of their deaths.

    If we do this in Syria for two Americans, what will be our reaction if North Korea beheads the three Americans they hold captive – an invasion there as well? Where does it stop?

    Of course, this isn’t about the journalists. It’s about finding another boogeyman to start another war with to enrich the coffers of the “defense” industries, put more campaign money into the pockets of politicians who “go along”, and more promotions to general in the military. Don’t say “whoa” to this horse race…but three Minnesota Representatives did exactly that: “whoa” to another war.

    Sec. Hagel and GEN Dempsey readily acknowledged that an air war could lead to a land war. That we’re even considering putting 10,000 troops on the ground – as retired General Anthony Zinni suggested – is unfathomable after 13 years of insane war.

    And who will pay for this new war? We’ve already placed the entire cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan war bills on the Chinese/Saudi Arabia credit cards for future generations to pay off. Will we do the same this time around – or will we share the pain military families feel by raising taxes on all Americans and corporations? “No, no…can’t do that” say the Republicans.

    But the vote has been taken and we rush off to another war, Congress not having learned a damn thing about the futility of war in that region. Not a damn thing.

  3. Submitted by Thomas Swift on 09/18/2014 - 08:16 am.

    McCollum scolds Turkey for failure to secure it’s border: PRICELESS!

  4. Submitted by E Gamauf on 09/18/2014 - 08:31 am.

    Paulsen wants to pretend he’s president?

    I can’t help but picture a Monty Python rubber stamp bureaucrat while reading Paulsen’s comment.

    Congress has a part in this. The need for action is getting kicked to congress. They need to do their part – not dodge the ball once again.

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