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Klobuchar holds Senate floor to push for action on trafficking bill

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Kudos to Rep. Erik Paulsen

Kudos to Rep. Erik Paulsen for suggesting a sensible solution. I'm not in the habit of offering such things to Republicans, but this is an eminently reasonable idea.

So unfortunately I suspect Sen. McConnell will not even consider it as majority leader. :(


I had the "opportunity" of watching Senator Amy K reading this afternoon. I was embarrassed.

I also had the "opportunity" of watching Rep. Keith E. arguing for the C.B.C. budget. That was at least humorous.

A great day for MN in Washington D.C.

In Other News

Everything good our senior senator has done will be undone if one of her other efforts bears fruit.

"Four Senate Democrats are working with Republicans to help the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other GOP-affiliated lobbying groups undermine financial and environmental regulations."

I do wish this was being covered locally.

It's worth scuttling

with the abortion clause in it.