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Driving Change

This project is made possible by a grant from the Bush Foundation.

While covering important issues in our civic and cultural life, journalists typically focus on facts, controversies, issues and their impact. They rarely look through the lens of understanding leaders and leadership: who is leading the causes and creating change, how those leaders were motivated to tackle tough problems and create opportunities for their communities, and how they worked through the challenges that arose.

In this series, MinnPost is profiling such leaders in order to provide new insights — and, we hope in some cases, inspiration — for our readers. Each profile is followed by comments from a panel of experienced leaders and scholars of leadership. Sharon Schmickle wrote the first 15 sets of articles in the series; Gregg Aamot is now  the lead journalist for Driving Change.

hockey players

Rethinking youth sports: Businessman David Baird tries a different kind of hockey camp

Emphasizing fun and leadership in his youth hockey camps, David Baird said, “It just comes down to: What can we do beyond making our kids fast skaters?”