Former Maplewood official Greg Copeland’s attempt at political ‘comeback’ washed out

Greg Copeland — the embattled Maplewood city manager who was ousted from the job in January when the City Council decided he wasn’t qualified, even though he’d been doing the job for a year and a half — tried for a political comeback of sorts Tuesday, seeking a seat as a supervisor on the low-profile Ramsey County Soil and Water Conservation District.

He told the Strib’s Voter’s Guide:

“Ramsey County Lakes Are In Trouble! My campaign for Ramsey County Conservation District Supervisor launches the SAVE OUR LAKES CAMPAIGN to focus public attention on the degradation of our Lakes. Twenty five of Ramsey County’s 49 Lakes are so choked with slime and excessive algae and plant growth that they are not suitable for swimming and recreation! Fish in all 12 Ramsey County Lakes tested for Mercury contamination contained unacceptable levels of this toxic heavy metal. Citizens must demand action now! I need your vote to build a strategic plan driven by citizen action to improve the water quality of our Lakes.”

No mention of the Maplewood unpleasantness.

Final result show: Copeland finishing last in a four-person race won by Mara Humphrey, who had the DFL endorsement and a bankable political last name.

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  1. Submitted by Stephan Flister on 11/07/2008 - 08:30 am.

    …even though he’d been doing the job for a year and a half….

    Having a title and doing a job are not the same thing.

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