John Kline stops by busy GOP office in Burnsville to give pep talk

At a Republican Party get-out-the-vote headquarters in Burnsville, there’s an almost-life-size cutout of Abe Lincoln in one corner and a similar-size cutout of Ronald Reagan in another corner.

In between, up to 30 volunteers are using a phone bank and sending out door-knocking volunteers with campaign literature.

“You heard anything?” is the most commonly-expressed thought.

Shortly after noon, 2nd District Rep. John Kline stopped by to give the workers a pep talk. A scheduled stop by Sen. Norm Coleman was scrapped. After pulling a campaign all-nighter, the senator decided he needed rest.

Among the volunteers were several students from the Yale University Law School, sent to Burnsville by the national Republican Party. The Yale students wouldn’t give their names.

“We’re not supposed to talk to any reporters until after the election,” explained one.

How’d you end up in Burnsville?

“This is where they sent us,” the student said.

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