Maple Grove officials deny rumors about ballot problems and voting fees

There are apparently some nasty rumors going around about voting regulations in Maple Grove.

A posting on the Our Vote Live site indicated that the city of Maple Grove was distributing “incomplete ballots” and that the city was charging $20 to vote.

Stevie Koll Anderson, Maple Grove’s elections administrator, says the report is totally false. When I asked her about the the incomplete ballot, she replied dismayed, “I don’t even know what that is. What does that mean?”

“We get (ballots) from the county, and they are approved by our municipal offices,” says Koll Anderson. “We don’t look at people’s ballots, and if people vote absentee, they are put in secrecy envelopes that aren’t counted until after the polls close at 8p.m.”

As for the voting fee, totally bogus. She says there’s no way any election judges or city employees are telling voters they have to pay to vote.

Koll Anderson had already heard about the rumors by the time I called. She also has heard about other inaccuracies, including residents being told that if they only vote for one race, their ballot won’t count.

“That’s false,” says Koll Anderson. “People are going door to door giving incorrect information and that concerns us.”

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