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Election Blog

Ritchie reports no major problems

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie was leaving his eighth and final polling place, getting ready to head back to his office, when MinnPost caught up with him via cell after 3 p.m.

Knocking on doors and looking for voters

I spent a couple hours door knocking yesterday in the neighborhood near Plymouth and Newton North, behind the 4th Precinct police station. About a third of the houses were boarded up, some were in disrepair, and a few were beautifully maintained.

Dozens of poll watchers at polling stations

Vishnu Ramaswamy was one of dozens of poll watchers who hovered around voting places today, ready to leap at any complaints of irregularities or registration problems.
Ramaswamy, a third-year law student at the University of Minnesota, was working

Standing outside to vote on a beautiful day

The weather is smiling on the Twin Cities this Election Day.
That’s a good thing because turnout was so heavy that throngs of voters had to stand outside throughout the morning.
I stopped at polling places for five precincts — two in Carver Count

Will paper ballots in Ohio keep us waiting?

If Ohio turns out to matter to the outcome, maybe we won’t know who the winner is today. Many early voters in the Dayton area chose to vote by paper ballot, to avoid longer lines, and counting those could take into Wednesday, authorities said.