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Minneapolis City Council Ward 4 ballot in 2023: LaTrisha Vetaw, Leslie Davis, Marvina Haynes, Angela Williams

Incumbent LaTrisha Vetaw faces challengers Leslie Davis, Marvina Haynes and Angela Williams in Ward 4. We have resources to help you decide whom to rank.

Voting in Minneapolis Ward 4? We have resources to help you meet the candidates and get ready to vote. 

  • Read the candidates’ full responses to a range of questions from MinnPost by visiting our 2023 Minneapolis and St. Paul election guide and selecting the city and ward number.
  • Curious about which groups are influencing the election through donations and endorsements? Read the guide we published with Minneapolis Voices for our latest analysis of campaign finance data. 
  • Remember, this is a ranked choice voting election — meaning you get to cast a ballot for your top three candidates. As you read our voter guide, keep in mind your first, second and third choices for the position.

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LaTrisha Vetaw (incumbent)

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “My #1 priority when I first ran for election was public safety. If re-elected, public safety will continue to be my #1 priority. Although we still have more to do, I am proud of the public safety progress I’ve helped make this year. I chaired the Public Health and Safety Committee. I helped select the new Commissioner of Public Safety and our new Police Chief. I secured $300k in funding for lighting improvements on the Northside and $1 million for community safety efforts aimed at reducing violent crime. A lot of this violence is directly related to the opioid epidemic, and I am working to increase treatment options for our community. I worked with our partners at the state to secure $1 million in capital improvement funding for Turning Point- a Northside institution that serves Northsiders battling addiction.”

Leslie Davis

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “Protect public health. No vaccinating, no masking, no lockdowns. There is no such thing as covid Covid is a hoax. There is no virus making people sick.”

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Marvina Haynes

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “Rent stabilization. Housing is a human right. Voters in Minneapolis overwhelmingly voted in favor of Rent Control. However we have not seen it happen. The authoritarian regime in city hall denied the will of the voters. When elected this November I will bring grassroots democracy back to Minneapolis and work with residents, community partners, and other stakeholders to implement comprehensive Rent Stabilization in Minneapolis.”

Angela Williams

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “Reducing taxes for the business community and property owners; tenant protections, creating policy that will hold public safety groups more accountable for the funding they’ve received, and creating a policy for more public safety stabilization that will enhance community relationships with the police.”