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On the ballot in Minneapolis City Council Ward 7: Katie Cashman, Kenneth Foxworth, Scott Graham

The Ward 7 seat on the Minneapolis City Council is open after Lisa Goodman decided not to run. We have resources to help you decide whom to rank.

Voting in Minneapolis Ward 7? We have resources to help you meet the candidates and get ready to vote. 

  • Read the candidates’ full responses to a range of questions from MinnPost by visiting our 2023 Minneapolis and St. Paul election guide and selecting the city and ward number.
  • Curious about which groups are influencing the election through donations and endorsements? Read the guide we published with Minneapolis Voices for our latest analysis of campaign finance data. 
  • Remember, this is a ranked choice voting election — meaning you get to cast a ballot for your top three candidates. As you read our voter guide, keep in mind your first, second and third choices for the position.

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Katie Cashman

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “My priorities for representing Ward 7 at city hall are to lead on climate action and revitalize the livability of downtown. We need to budget for and implement the Minneapolis Climate Equity Plan. We have 7 years left in this decade to curb climate emissions by 50%. We should be pursuing all possible federal funding opportunities to decarbonize and prevent the worst impacts from climate change in our city. Secondly, in order to revitalize downtown, I will prioritize engaging Minneapolis downtown residents, business owners, and building owners to find policy solutions for filling vacant commercial spaces, increase walkability, and making our downtown corridor more inviting and vibrant.”

Kenneth Foxworth

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “Top priority for us is three words: Safety, Safety and Safety. Aligns with every issue. For example, we cannot keep our environment clean, without keeping it safe. Our youth and union workers can not travel back and forth to school and work without keeping public transportation safe. Small businesses and large corporations need protection to prevent being vandalized downtown and uptown. Bottom line is we have to continue building a system with the Minneapolis Police Department that meets the people’s standards. Keep in mind the best way to solve problems is, allow someone who has experienced the problem before. Come up with the best solutions. With that being said I would bring back the no trespass law and find a way to get rid of the HERC.”

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Scott Graham

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “Minneapolis’ public safety system is my highest priority. The City must support the Minneapolis Police Department with an adequate budget and resources to transform its culture, and do everything possible to enable the Department to hire, train, and retain high-quality officers. It is also essential to expand alternative responses to 911 calls, including further integrating social workers and behavioral crisis response (BCR) teams into our public safety system.”