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Who’s running for Minneapolis City Council Ward 13 in 2023?

Linea Palmisano is running for reelection in Ward 13 and faces challengers Zach Metzger, Kate Mortenson and Bob “Again” Carney Jr. We have resources to help you decide whom to rank.

Voting in Minneapolis Ward 13? We have resources to help you meet the candidates and get ready to vote. 

  • Read the candidates’ full responses to a range of questions from MinnPost by visiting our 2023 Minneapolis and St. Paul election guide and selecting the city and ward number.
  • Curious about which groups are influencing the election through donations and endorsements? Read the guide we published with Minneapolis Voices for our latest analysis of campaign finance data. 
  • Remember, this is a ranked choice voting election — meaning you get to cast a ballot for your top three candidates. As you read our voter guide, keep in mind your first, second and third choices for the position.

Click here for MinnPost’s full 2023 Minneapolis and St. Paul City Council candidate guide

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Bob “Again” Carney Jr.

  • Did not respond to MinnPost’s questionnaire.

Zach Metzger

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “Ensuring the safety and security of all our residents, fostering an environment that allows all people to flourish. It is not about what I want, but what the people want.”

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Kate Mortenson

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “I would prioritize policy to stand up, activate and otherwise resource comprehensive, holistic crime prevention strategies — with a focus on social services and job creation standpoint. I would put a special focus on Youth Development at a younger age. Such work is named in the Harvard study commissioned by the City and is implicit in the Creation of the Office of Community Safety, but C-M’s and staff who champion this part of Safety work are too often gaslighted, sabotaged or otherwise undermined. I will have their backs.”

Linea Palmisano (incumbent)

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “When we voted in our Government Restructure ordinance, we began a long process to make our government more transparent and accountable- and ultimately to work better for the people! Of particular and immediate importance is ensuring that all of our public safety functions continue to grow with this important new realignment- it is the most pressing issue in our city. This short term, we’ve made great progress and have moved faster than other city governments with a comparable shift. If reelected, I look forward to continuing to enact the will of our voters in restructuring our local government.”