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Who’s running for St. Paul City Council Ward 1 open seat in 2023?

St. Paul City Council Ward 1 is an open seat in 2023. We have resources to help you decide whom to rank.

Voting in St. Paul Ward 1? We have resources to help you meet the candidates and get ready to vote. 

  • Read the candidates’ full responses to a range of questions from MinnPost by visiting our 2023 Minneapolis and St. Paul election guide and selecting the city and ward number.
  • Remember, this is a ranked choice voting election — meaning you get to cast a ballot for your top three candidates. As you read our voter guide, keep in mind your first, second and third choices for the position.

Click here for MinnPost’s full 2023 Minneapolis and St. Paul City Council candidate guide

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Anika Bowie

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “My top priority is the revitalization of the Rondo, Midway, & North End community. It’s our collective responsibility to rectify past injustices and create a more equitable future. This entails a strong focus on affordable housing, preserving and promoting our rich cultural heritage, and prioritizing a better maintenance plan for our roads. By investing in the revitalization of our neighborhoods, we can foster a thriving community that honors its history, provides affordable housing opportunities, and actively engages residents in decision-making processes. Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive community for all.”

Yan Chen

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “My top priorities are neighborhood safety and maintenance. Nobody should live somewhere unsafe. I plan to work with the St. Paul Police Department to reduce crime. We must also ensure that the Public Works department provides better neighborhood upkeep. Once we have a sound budget, my goal is to fight for affordable first-time homeownership for all the residents. Everybody needs a place to put down their roots if they want to. This would be where I would hope to enact something meaningful to support home ownership and generational wealth in my Ward (and the others as well).”

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Travis Helkamp

  • Did not respond to MinnPost’s candidate questionnaire

James Lo

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “My top priority is to ensure efficient and high-quality core functions of the city, providing excellent services to our residents. This means prioritizing essential services such as public safety, infrastructure maintenance, and effective administration. By streamlining processes, improving transparency, and allocating resources wisely, we can enhance the overall efficiency of our city government. Through collaborative partnership and innovative solutions, I aim to deliver the level of services our residents deserve, making St. Paul a vibrant and thriving community for all.”

Lucky Tiger Jack Rosenbloom

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “The best candidate is not always the endorsed candidate. No doubt, we all will focus on similar policy matters. Good policy is not about the pass and/or the present. Good policy is about the future and fighting for the rights of neighbors that have not in the pass, to have standing. Look at what’s been going on in our area for the last 10 years. If you don’t like the work and outcomes of previous endorsed candidates, give all the candidates your opened mind. Change shall come. Policies to Mention- Not Limited to the following: • Holding down and reducing taxes. • Police support. Building up law enforcement and not the criminals. Victim rights over criminal rights. • No to municipal trash collections. • Increase Police funding, while eliminating officers involved in misconduct. • Land Bridge over 1-94. Goofiest idea of the 15th century.”

Omar Syed

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “Affordable housing is both the biggest challenge and opportunity in St. Paul. We have an opportunity to make systemic changes to ensure more housing is built in St. Paul, to ensure we protect renters, and make housing more affordable. The question is are we willing to make these tough decisions on behalf of our neighbors and communities. As a St. Paul Planning Commissioner, I have already been on the record of making some of these tough decisions on transportation and housing. I know what it takes to listen to the community and vote, and I’ll continue to do that as a council member.”

Suz Woehrle

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “I am running on a Streets for All platform that will expand transit and cycling options and make Saint Paul more accessible for people with disabilities. My #1 priority is making our streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and people who use wheelchairs. This means making some of our streets reserved exclusively for non-motorized traffic (e-bikes would not count as motorized traffic). This includes downtown.”

Jeff Zeitler

  • If elected this fall, what policy would be your top priority? “Public safety.”