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Letter From Skunk Hollow: A hawk family of uncommon feather settles in

Red-tails seem as common as turkey vultures at times, but the red-shouldered hawk is far less common thanks to habitat loss.

When heat waves turn deadly: A look at patterns that are worsening worldwide

One-third of the global population is already in danger 20 days per year; by the end of the century, it could be three-fourths.

For the (fossil) record: Database gives insight into Minnesota’s prehistoric past

Before you get too excited: there aren’t any dinosaurs.

Bears Ears
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Contested national monuments in Utah house treasure troves of fossils

Paleontologists have found incredible dinosaur diversity at Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. What could nearby Bears Ears hold?

pink-headed duck
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Nature's 'most wanted': Conservationists launch new quest for lost species

Expeditions will delve into the wild, looking for species that haven’t been seen for at least a decade.

Careful crop selection near airports could reduce bird strikes
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Careful crop selection near airports could reduce bird strikes

Scientists find that soybeans attract fewer flocking birds than wheat or corn.