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A fresh history of modern green politics, overlooked because of timing

How did we get into this fix? A lawyer from the fossil fuel sector offers a conservative's take.

GMO jeans: Using biotech to make indigo-dyed denim a bit more green

Because natural indigo was so scarce and expensive, synthetic dyes from nasty chemicals have replaced it since about 1900.

Killing an opportunity to finally resolve the issue of mining near the BWCA

You kind of have to admire, if only grudgingly, the sly elegance of last Friday’s about-face on environmental review of prospective precious-metal mines at the edge of the Boundary Waters.

The toxic chemical whack-a-mole game
From Other Nonprofit Media

The toxic chemical whack-a-mole game

A growing number of scientists, advocates, parents and public officials are urging a fundamental shift in how society restricts toxic chemicals.

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