Video report: What really causes climate change?

There’s a growing number of scientists who feel the sun is the main driving force behind the Earth’s constantly changing climate. But is that really the cause?

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  1. Submitted by Barbara & Jon Scoll on 09/27/2008 - 12:54 pm.

    To hear Dave Dahl tell it, climate change has no connection to human activity, notably the staggering increase in the past two centuries in atmospheric greenhouse gasses.

    Dahl’s only authority for his thesis that solar cycles are “the main driving force” of what he considers “climate change” is NASA — hardly authoritative after eight years of an administration whose denial of anthropogenic (human-caused) planetary warming has been a policy and scientific scandal.

    Pieces like Dahl’s do the public a profound disservice, by distracting us from the hard choices that lie ahead. The fact of human-caused global warming is no longer a scientific controversy. Both John McCain and Barak Obama have addressed it on the campaign trail and a major feature of the next Administration will be federal legislation to curb emissions from industrial and power-generation sources.

    Dahl should stick to what he knows, and does quite well: tomorrow’s weather forecast.

  2. Submitted by Smith Smith on 09/27/2008 - 05:28 pm.

    I agree with the first comment. In 1983, I attended a University class that was required for fourth year Environmental Studies Majors. Among the many teachers were two that had worked at NASA. Global Warming was covered in detail and the major emphasis was upon “man’s activities” and the need to curb fossil fuel use, pollution, deforestation and on and on. It is now 2008, gases are seeping through the melting Permafrost, and all Dave can do is sway people away from learning about the crisis we now face.

  3. Submitted by Paul Devine on 01/08/2009 - 03:15 pm.

    Thanks to Dave Dahl for presenting another option besides the widely accepted version of Global warming that has been inflicted on our children as scientific fact for 3 decades and become a top cause of self loathing. We tell our kids that we have been the problem, now we (the problem) are going to become the solution or the oceans will rise and we will all go the way of the dinosaur. All of us who watch television and read the newspapers have been slowly indoctrinated to believe that we are the problem and poor Mother Earth would be better off without us polluting her fertile lands. We are the reason the Earth supports life!
    Our Earth is beautiful and we should be good stewards of it. However as is the case in many movements that start out with good intentions, money has corrupted ideals and what we now accept as fact (man made global climate change) is a multi Billion dollar industry and some of that money is being used to brainwash a whole generation. It has become a religion, many blindly believe in the big climate scare without even doing their own investigating and through faith in our esteemed media, blindly hopped on the bandwagon. Opposing viewpoints are important in a Free Country and I am glad to see Dave stand up and put an unpopular but possibly correct point of view out there for discussion.

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