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Our first 80 degree day in sight?

Today, of course, is still a bit cool and breezy, but I think most will be happy with what tomorrow and Thursday bring! Mostly sunny skies and temperatures well above average, especially Thursday, will be more like May standards. A hint of charcoal grills will waft through the air by mid afternoon Wednesday and Thursday — envious neighbors (mouths watering) will be forced to fire up their grills as well! I predict you’ll have spring fever again in about 48 hours as the temperature soars through the 70’s!! That’s not a bad problem to have!

Spring storms may follow by the end of the week! I’ll keep watching the maps, in the meantime, enjoy the sunshine!

Have a good Tuesday!

— Todd Nelson (Filling in for Paul Douglas while he’s in Las Vegas, working diligently on new things that will change the way you and I watch our TV’s)

This week is Severe Weather Awareness week!
• Day 1: Thunderstorms, Hail, Straight-Line Winds, Lightning
• Day 2: Severe Weather Warnings
• Day 3: Floods, Flash Floods
• Day 4: Tornadoes
• Day 5: Heat

Here’s a link to the Day 2 topic — Severe Weather Warnings.

Know the difference between: WATCH & WARNING

• WATCH — Means that conditions are favorable for either damaging thunderstorms and or tornadoes (based on the type of watch issued). You can proceed with normal activities, but have that storm action plan in place, know what to do and where to go if a WARNING is issued. Continue to monitor your “NOAA Weather Radio” in case warnings are issued later in the day. It is also important to know what county you live in!

• WARNING — Means that it has been spotty or is likely to be happening RIGHT NOW! If you are in the WARNED the area, seek shelter immediately. You should already have a plan in place — getting there quickly and safely is important!

Weather Headlines

• Today: Breezy — feeling seasonably cool! Light jacket and sunglasses weather.

• Noticeable change in the wind speed and temperature Wednesday, feeling like spring again!

• Grills likely to be fired up Wednesday through Friday.

• Still not throwing 80 degrees out of the forecast for Thursday… REALLY, It’s possible! Optimistic backyard and bank thermometers may flirt with the reading during the mid/late afternoon hours.

• Growing shower/T-storm risk by the end of the week into the weekend.

• Severe Weather Awareness week is this week (April 20th-24th)!!

• Tornado Drill set this Thursday statewide at 1:45pm, with the exception of far NW MN because of flooding concerns.

Todd’s Forecast

Tuesday: Sunnier! Still breezy, feeling cool… Although, air temperatures will be closer to average High: 57

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and feeling much warmer with lighter winds. High: 65

Thursday: Warmest day of the week, late May early June weather! Overnight storms possible. High: 79

Friday: Unsettled, still mild. Scattered showers/T-storm. High: 70

Saturday: Shower and storm risk moves south through the day. High: 65

Sunday: Lingering clouds, sprinkle. Cooler. High: 62

Spotty shower, cooler. High 56

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