Serious spring fever

I hope you had a memorable Easter or Passover weekend -what a magical spell of weather. It almost makes what I’m about to say…tolerable. Let me clear my throat and put on my Don Shelby mask. It may snow again. There, I said it. With all apologies the long, LONG range guidance is hinting at a buckling jet stream in about 10 days, with enough Canadian air pouring south of the border for snow flurries and snow showers. Right now I don’t see any significant accumulation, but all I want to do is encourage you (plead with you!) not to pack away the winter duds just yet. You may still need that favorite coat or jacket in about a week and a half. I hope I’m wrong, I hope the computer models are out to lunch…but just in case.

A mild week is on tap, more typical of late April in the metro area, with highs above 60 from tomorrow through Thursday. A fizzling front over the Dakotas will push some clouds overhead Monday, but the sun should be out much of Tuesday and Wednesday with highs in the low, even the mid 60s, a good 10+ degrees above average. The chance of a shower increases Thursday, with a few hours of heavier, steadier rain expected Friday. The next system now looks like it’ll move slower, prolonging the shower risk into Saturday, but based on the latest guidance there’s a good chance we’ll salvage the latter half of Sunday.

Good news for Red River Valley residents: the river is expected to crest a second time later this week, between 38-40 feet, probably LOWER than it did in late March. Fingers are crossed, but right now it’s looking more encouraging for folks up in Moorhead and Fargo.

So there you have it: 60 degree sun returns by Tuesday, a few spring showers late in the week, and then a possible relapse with flurries and wind-chill-babble on the radio and TV by April 21-23. If it does chill down it won’t stay nanook for long. This is Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that, here in Minnesota, we EARN our springs!

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