Sunny Sunday, soggy work week

Hope you had a memorable 4th (and are still in possession of all your fingers). The fireworks displays were amazing once again, although (is it my imagination?) or did some communities cut back – a little – on the rockets red glare, because of possible budget issues? This year’s Grand Finale wasn’t quite as grand as years gone by, but I was just happy as a pig in slop that there was no lightning or beachball-size hail to contend with this year. The few random T-storms that popped around the Twin Cities drifted south and dissipated, right on cue. Whew…

Today will probably wind up being the nicest, sunniest, mildest day of the holiday weekend as a weak bubble of high pressure drifts across the great state of Minnesota, treating us to blue sky and low 80s, which is where we should be in the temperature department on June 5th. Nice to have a (rare) “normal” day. Winds will puff from the northwest at 10-15, some higher gusts in the afternoon, a little chop on your favorite lake, but Dramamine will be optional, I’m happy to report.

Watering the lawn this week probably won’t be necessary. A few days ago we thought a warm front would surge north, treating us to 90 by midweek. Now it looks like that front will tire quickly, getting stuck directly over Minnesota late Monday into Wednesday morning. Wave after wave of showers and storms will divebomb southeast across the state, meaning several spirited rounds of rain, and possible thunder/lightning.

The best chance of rain: Monday night and again Tuesday night and early Wednesday. Some 1-2″ rainfall amounts are possible the first half of the week, although in all honesty and candor trying to time these bouts of rain is going to be tougher than handicapping a Minnesota election.

After being stunted in the low and mid 70s Tuesday and Wednesday the mercury recovers into the 80s later this week, and next weekend looks pretty nice right now, with Saturday probably the sunnier, drier day, highs reaching the low to mid 80s. A return flow of moisture Sunday could mean a growing shower/thunder risk late in the day, especially over western counties of our fair state. Not stinking hot weather in sight, I doubt we’ll see anything severe this week either. Just a well-timed sunny Sunday, and a soggy start to the work week, air conditioning optional late Monday into Wednesday as the rains move in.

No long weather essays today. I’m technically on vacation, although I promise a more complete analysis of our complicated, ever-morphing weather pattern on Monday, as we all return to work, complete with fancy maps, graphics and obscure weather trivia.

Happy 5th of July!

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