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Back to the 90s

NASA just reported it doesn’t have enough money to track all the meteors in near-Earth orbit, meteors that could come crashing down to the Earth with destructive fury equivalent to multiple atomic bomb explosions – so – um – don’t sweat the heat and humidity…..or Sunday thunder, ok? Life is too short to be worried about such meteorological minutia.

The forecast scenario is short, sweet and HOT; afternoon temperatures a good 10 degrees warmer than average for mid August. Friends, family, total strangers, all will be whining about the heat and humidity in the coming days. I’m expecting 90+ today, again Friday. Factoring dew points near 70 it may FEEL like mid 90s over the next two days, some of the hottest weather of the entire summer.

The eyes of America will be fixated on Minnesota, PGA Fever is gripping the land, and it should be fun listening to the commentators talking about the heat and the humidity (and wind). Wait, the media babbling about the HEAT? Normally we get a hard time for our winters, anxious to see how our hot spell of legitimate Dog Days will rub off on the popular media. “Damn – I had no idea it could get hot in Minnesota!” Who knew?” Expect some of that in the days ahead.

WRF/NMM Predicted Temperature for 1 pm Saturday. Afternoon temperatures will be in the 90-95 range across most of Minnesota, possibly the hottest day (statewide) of the entire year, even along the North Shore of Lake Superior, where highs poke well into the 80s.

Saturday should be the last warm, tropical day – 90 is still a distinct possibility with a “humature”, a temperature/humidity index poking up in the mid 90s once more. The approach of a cooler front will ignite a few T-storms Sunday, plan on a couple hours of rain, a cooler day, followed by a string of MUCH more comfortable days next week as temperatures return to normal for mid/late August.

GFS Outlook for 7 am Sunday morning, showing a band of showers, T-storms entering western Minnesota. A couple hours of rain is possible, even a strong T-storm or two by afternoon as cooler air approaches from the Dakotas.

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