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Cool weekend for State Fair goers

Yep, it’s about that time again… Itchy eyes, runny nose. I can almost time the Minnesota State Fair by my allergies. It never fails. I seem to always walk around the Fair looking like someone blew pepper in my face. It’s terrible. Though, I’m not sure what’s worse. Having a bad case of hay fever or overeating at the Fair… and we all know how that feels! We’ve all done it. I just seem to do it every year. So this year, maybe I’ll lay off the corn on the cob… HMM, nope can’t do that, it’s too good. Well then, maybe it’ll be the Pronto Pup… nope gotta have that. Bucket ‘O’ Fries – Geez, that’s good too! See what I mean. It’s hard not to walk away not bloated. I’m sure I’ll find myself leaving the Fair again this year, muttering, I’ll never do that again.

A Look Ahead

I’m not impressed by the forecast this weekend for the Twin Cities (MN State Fair in Falcon Heights): It appears to be breezy and cool with a spotty shower or two possible for Saturday. Sunday looks brighter and slightly warmer at this point, though, nothing like how I remember the Fair in recent years (hot and sticky).
(Side – I’ll pull up some past State Fair weather data and share it tomorrow, stay tuned!)

In Other Weather News

Weather Headlines over the weekend included heavy surf along the East Coast from Hurricane Bill, which proved to be deadly along the Maine coastline. Unfortunately 2 lost their lives as a large wave washed them out to sea while they were spectating. Mother nature can be quite a spectacle, but there’s something to be said about the power of nature… we should always respect it.

The weather maps are fairly quiet around the nation today. Noteworthy storms may fire up across high plains this afternoon, but should only affect a tiny percentage of the people within the General T-Storm Risk issued by the Storm Prediction Center and if anything develops, it will only last a short while. Here’s the latest Watches and Warnings from SPC:

One last note – Wildfires have been raging in Athens Greece, prompting massive evacuations for certain areas of the city. Reports on Sunday stated that these were the worst wildfires in the area since 2007, when 70 people were killed. Take a look at this amazing (high resolution satellite NOAA image from 22,500 miles above the earth’s surface):athens-smokeI’ve added red dots (the larger one depicts Athens) to show where the fires are and I’ve added yellow lines to define the smoke plumes.

OK, that’s it for now. Don’t forget to check back daily for more interesting weather tidbits and factoids. We’ll be here everyday, blogging with the latest and greatest from around the world and in your backyard. If you have a weather photo that you’d like to see featured here, send it to me!

Todd’s Outlook for Greater St. Cloud

Today: Sun reappears, a few degrees cooler (with less wind). High: 77

Tonight: Partly cloudy and cool. Low: 54

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and pleasant. High: near 78

Thursday: (Day 1 of the MN State Fair). Partly cloudy and warmer. High: 80

Friday: Partly sunny and cooler with spotty PM showers possible. High: 70

Saturday: Partly sunny, unseasonably cool with a slight chance of a sprinkle or two early. High: 68

Sunday: Looking better. Decreasing clouds, more PM sunshine and warmer. High: 71

Monday: Sunnier. Warmer. Closer to norm. High: 76

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