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Quite wet for the next 48 hours

What a circus out there, eh? News headlines, Twitter updates, Facebook updates, etc. etc. etc. were flooded with minute by minute coverage of #4’s speedy entrance into the commanders position of the purple and gold. The Minnesota Vikings made it apparent that their quest for the Lombardi trophy was short one, essential, piece of the puzzle and whether or not you’re a fan of Favre, you’d have to agree that the recent acquisition sent the sporting world into a feeding frenzy. Favre fever spread like wildfire; many made a mad dash to Winter Park to catch a peek at practice on Tuesday; Upper deck ticket prices for October 5th’s (Packer vs. Vikings) Monday night game sky rocketed to over $200 a piece and Ebay bids for purple #4 jerseys jumped from NOT to HOT. I’ve even heard the Vikings’ name being thrown around as one of the teams for this years Super Bowl in Miami, FL. Get ready for a media circus over the next 5 to 6 months.

Water cooler chatter will begin to sour and be directed towards the weather by Thursday as another unusually cool pool of air slides in from Canada. To be honest, Thursday’s weather looks ridiculous, at least for August standards. It will literally feel like Fall: cool, wet and windy. There’s a good chance that the mercury won’t even get out of the 60’s at the Twin Cities Airport. The last time that happened was in August was 2007 (Aug 17, 18 and 19). The silver lining – it won’t last long! Brighter skies are expected by Friday with sunnier and warmer weather expected over the weekend – good timing.

Take a look at the WRF’s calculation of precipitation and timing of the inclement weather here:

The image above is BUFKIT’s version of the WRF calculations – pay attention to the two red circles. The red circle in the bottom right show the time (6am Friday) and the red circle in the left center shows the amount of rain accumulated from now until 6am Friday (over 2″). It is possible that the next 36 to 48 hours could be substantially wet for some through central Minnesota, which is great news considering we are 6″ behind normal precipitation at the Twin Cities airport since January 1st.

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