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Last un-official weekend of summer looks great!

Can somebody tell me what day it is? I’ve been sling-shotted, somehow, to a date that doesn’t register yet. I mean, wasn’t it Memorial Day weekend (the un-official start to summer) just a few weeks ago? *SIGH* I can remember being so excited for the summer… the summer that never came. We muddled through the 12th coldest May through August on record (Courtesy Mark Seely’s Weather Talk) and we’ve ended up at the, long-awaited, long Labor Day Weekend. Talk of school busses, fantasy football and frost have ended up in the mouths of many Minnesotans this last week, but the weather has been delightful and it will continue this weekend (I’m happy to report). A sprawling high pressure system over the Great Lakes will continue to keep us sunny, dry and mild. In fact, the weather has been so dry the past week and a half or so that the 2009 Minnesota State Fair could go down as the driest Fair on record. According to Pete Boulay at the University of MN (Thanks Pete!), 2003 was the driest Fair on record when only 0.02″ of rain fell. So far this Fair, we’ve seen 0.00″ and there’s no rain in sight for the weekend. So, if you were worried about the weather, don’t be bashful, find your Fair legs and find/try something new on a stick. If the Fair doesn’t meet your fancy, maybe the cabin does… though, check out the image below from MNDOT’s Traffic Cams on the northwest side of town yesterday (Friday at around 5pm) – CABIN TRAFFIC – Yuck! The westbound lane heading north to your favorite watering hole was bumper to bumper for many hours from near Maple Grove through the Rogers hwy 101 exit. What a nightmare.

However, the reward is sweet! Take a look at Friday night’s images below from Lake Superior’s Marine Museum in Duluth, MN and Lake Mille Lacs from

We should manage more images like that over the coming days before a cool front slides through Tuesday night/Wednesday and brings us our best shot of rain and or thunder. Here’s the computer models’ take on this upcoming Wednesday:

Temperatures ahead of that front through Tuesday will be near 80 degrees and behind that front from Wednesday through the end of next week will be in the 70’s. It’ll feel more like MN Prep Football season that’s for sure. Have a great weekend!

Todd’s Outlook

Today: Lukewarm sunshine, still beautiful. High: 79

Tonight: Mostly clear, moonlit skies. Low: 59

Sunday: Hazy sun, a bit more humidity. High: 81

Monday (Labor Day): Warm sun, lake & pool-worthy. High: 81

Tuesday: Lingering sun, still dry. High: 81

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy, few showers, possible thunder. High: 78

Thursday: Leftover shower, more clouds than sun, cooler. High: 75

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