Breezier, sunnier, warmer weekend

So, what IS at the water cooler… Actually, the topic may be a little more interesting than it has been in recent days/weeks. There really hasn’t been much news to talk about until yesterday, unless you’re into Jon and Kate plus 8. The UFB (Unidentified Flying Balloon) in Colorado turned out to be kid free. Falcon Henne, the 6yr. old and son of a storm chaser, ended up hiding in his attic because he was scared that his dad would yell at him. At the end of the day, no lives were lost, but many people spent much of their day on a wild goose chase, watching, wondering and worrying, what will come of the odd situation. Of course, it’s a Friday, undoubtedly there will be a little more time spent away from the desk, so the next topic of conversation will likely be the weekend weather. If you haven’t heard, it’s looking decent. Actually nice, considering the first half of October that we’ve been through. Skies will begin to clear and temperatures will warm (slightly). We’ve muddled through a cool, gray and soggy month so far, so the sunshine and temperatures back in the 50’s will be worth every penny. ENJOY!

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Here’s a quick look at the weathermaps Saturday and Sunday at 2pm:

Saturday Cloud-Cover and Temperatures:

Sunday Cloud-Cover and Temperatures:

All in all, it looks like a decent weekend. A little breezy, but sunnier, brighter and more importantly, warmer. It’ll feel nice. I know that you’ll take every opportunity to take advantage of the waning ‘mild’ weather before the deep freeze sets in.

Todd’s Outlook for the Twin Cities

Today: Mostly cloudy. Light rain/snow mix early, then partial clearing late. High: 43

Tonight: Sprinkle or flurry early, then partial clearing overnight. Low: 35

Saturday: Brighter and warmer: High near 48

Sunday: Sunny, even warmer. High 57

Monday: Slight rain chance late: High 57

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, sprinkles. High 54

Wednesday: Continued spotty shower chance, what’s new? High: 50

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