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A face with a name — soggy Thursday

I thought I’d try something new today and a quick video today. It’s not much – it’s the first attempt at something new (you’re catching me without a suit and tie and yes, I do like to lounge from time to time. I can watch a good game on the couch and eat a little junk food with the best of them.) The important thing to note is that we will continue to make this blog exciting, each and every day, we hope that you will want to log on to your computer and dial up to see what’s going on. Enjoy this ridiculous video – they’ll get better, I promise!

In other news – my newly planted trees will enjoy a quick 0.50″ of rain that will scoot through the state through today. Apparently, this is the best time of the year to plant trees – if you’re going to – but I’m not a horticulturist, so don’t ask me… The one thing I do know is that the trees were a little sad looking. I was hoping the Fall Fiesta Sugar Maples and Northern Red Oak were going to look a lot better than they did. It was a tough fall for trees. They were duped in my opinion. They never had fair warning of impending cold weather. It went from summer to winter in no time and their colors went from green to brown. Sure, you’ll find pockets of beauty, but not like I’ve seen in recent years. I’m hoping my yard next year will be full of color – any advice??

OK, enough goofing off – let’s talk about the weather. If you recall yesterday’s wx blog, I talked about the typhoon that hit Japan last week (Melor) and the remnants of that system are actually causing rain/snow to fall here in Minnesota/your back yard! *I don’t know about you, but I find that terribly interesting*

Today appears to be the wettest day of the ‘MEA Weekend’. Showers will begin to taper Friday afternoon and completely end Saturday and Sunday. The weekend is looking particularly pleasant, considering the unusual and unbearable early part of October that we’ve just endured. Did I mention that the St. Cloud Airport is running nearly 11 degrees below average October temperatures through the first 13 days of the month? Well, indeed we are! Again, our weather seems to be all or nothing and we’re definitely in the ‘all’ this month. It’s nuts…

Latest computer models say that there will be a swath of 0.25″ to 0.50″ of precipitation that will move through the state thru Friday evening. At times, the moisture could mix in with a little snow, especially early Thursday. Snow amounts will be fairly light and certainly nothing like the record snow amount that we had on Monday.

Weekend Weather

Yes, the weekend weather rumors are true. It will be partly cloudy/mostly sunny, dry and warmer. It will still be below average temperatures, but we’re much closer to the 30 year norm. Take advantage and enjoy!

Todd’s Outlook for greater St. Cloud

What day is it??

Today: Snow early, then a mix of rain/snow by PM. Still cold. High: 39

Tonight: Light rain/snow mix. Low: 32

Friday: Mostly cloudy. Light rain/snow mix early, then partial clearing late. High: 42

Saturday: Brighter and warmer: High near 48

Sunday: Sunny, even warmer. High 55

Monday: Slight rain chance late: High 54

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, sprinkles. High 52

Wednesday: Continued spotty shower chance, what’s new? High: 49

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  1. Submitted by Stephen Dent on 10/15/2009 - 12:53 pm.

    Hey guys…love your weather blog and all the useful information and trivia you offer. However, I, like I’ll bet 99% of your readers on MnPost, live in Minneapolis and not St. Cloud. Everytime I read St. Cloud I think to myself, fine…but that’s 60 miles north, “What’s going to happen in downtown Minneapolis?” Do you think you can tailor your post to our part of the world? We are not in “Greater St. Cloud.” Perhaps all you need is the “replace” function on Word, I don’t know, but this one reader would be happier if he read Twin Cities…St. Paul…or Minneapolis even central Minnesota over St. Cloud. Beside, I don’t want anyone to confuse me with someone who might have voted for Michelle Bachmann!

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