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Unsettled October weather continues

My grandmother at the young age of (a good grandson would never reveal her age) just started using a computer and email… can you believe it?

My grandmother at the young age of (a good grandson would never reveal her age) just started using a computer and email… can you believe it? She just bought a laptop, wireless internet and is now playing virtual solitaire, surfing the web and emailing. I give her credit for attempting something new. I don’t blame her, though, she always told me she felt left out when the program she was watching on TV said go to “such and such” DOT com for more information. She really is doing well and emailing with the best of them. However, I fear now that instead of a hand written birthday card in the mail each year, I’ll get a virtual, singing birthday card in my email inbox. I have to admit – as we step into this fast pace “What I want, when I want, how I want” world we are losing the nostalgia of that crisp morning newspaper on the front step and that hand written letter from your family member or secret admirer. Technology is great, though, isn’t it? I can’t believe the things we are capable of doing in such a short amount of time. Time seems to be speeding up – everything seems to be moving faster – how can one keep up with the times?

I am amazed that a satellite from 22,500 miles above the Earth’s surface can capture an image like the one below. It shows the snow cover from the unusual October snowfall that came through on Friday. It is outlined by the dotted white line, which is mainly across Wisconsin.

Or take a look at this image – An explosion at a gasoline facility from Puerto Rico’s capital San Juan can be seen from space:

Yes, it’s pretty incredible! There are many other satellite images that would blow your mind, but in the essence of time and space, we’ll keep it to the images posted above. Though, if you interested “Google” satellite images from space and see what you come up with – I dare you! 🙂

Unsettled October

the unsettled October weather continues… another fast moving storm system will breeze through the state today with clouds and perhaps a few spotty showers. Nothing major is expected, except that it will be another cool and cloudy day this month. I don’t see much of a change in the weather pattern this week, so on again – off again rain/snow showers will be possible for much of the week. Enjoy? *Shrug*

Todd’s Outlook for the Twin Cities

Today: Cloudy with a few hours of cold light rain showers. High: 48

Tonight: Cloudy. Drizzle or a sprinkle possible early. Low: 36

Monday: Autumn-like. Lingering sprinkle possible early. High: 48

Tuesday: Slight chance of a spotty shower developing late. High: 50

Wednesday: Unsettled. Sprinkles possible again. High: 46

Thursday: Rain/snow shower? High: 44

Friday: More rain/snow shower? High: 43

Halloween Outlook: Mostly cloudy and chilly with a few sprinkles or flurries. High: 39 (Trick or Treat temperatures may be near freezing). Plan on a few extra layers under your kid’s costumes – I have a feeling you’re going to need them this year.