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A snow-free deer hunting opener

The Deer Hunting Opener is creeping up on us – hunters of all ages are pinging me for an updated forecast, hoping for news of freshly fallen snow (“just enough for tracking, Paul. Not enough to cause any headaches on the highways.”) A reasonable request and expectation for early November. Roughly half of all Deer Hunting Openers have enough snow up north for tracking deer (at least 1-2″) but there’s every indication that ’09 will NOT be one of those years. Quite the contrary: computer models continue to pull mild air northward late in the week, daytime highs come close to 60 over southern Minnesota from Friday into Sunday, nearly 10 degrees above average (for a change). Even up north temperatures will be warmer than normal, highs poking well into the 50s this upcoming weekend. Warm enough to babble about “Indian Summer”? That’s somewhat subjective, to be honest. Indian Summer is loosely defined as any period of abnormally mild weather AFTER the first official freeze of the season. We’ve had our first freeze alright (at least 3 hours colder than 28, cold enough long enough to kill off all annual plant life) and weekend temperatures may fit the definition. Hey, it’s America. Call it what you want!

Temperature Trend (Meteogram). The computer models are hinting that Friday & Sunday may be the two mildest days in sight, daytime highs anywhere from 55-60. High pressure overhead Saturday will mean less wind, less mixing, and cooler temperatures at the surface. After a Monday rain temperatures should cool down through the middle part of next week.

.09″ of rain fell Tuesday (yes, it was fairly miserable out there in that cold rain yesterday evening). That’s it for significant rain until next Monday, when a southern storm may stream more Gulf moisture northward into Minnesota, a cool quarter inch or more of rain may fall early next week. Until then count on a couple of cool days, followed by a noticeable warming trend the end of the week, setting the stage for a decent weekend.

Saturday’s Predicted Highs. Temperatures statewide should be nearly 10 degrees warmer than average. The 2-4″ of snow that was lingering over the Minnesota Arrowhead is largely gone – I don’t expect any significant snow on the ground for the Deer Hunting Opener.

Deer Hunting for a native Minnesotan. “That’s an impressive buck – how many points?” I know, I look a lot different in camouflage.

Deer Hunting for a non-Minnesotan. “Excuse me sir, in which aisle can I find fresh venison?”

Deer Hunting Weekend Preview

Saturday: Sunnier day, light winds, dry statewide. Highs range from low 50s north to upper 50s south.

Sunday: Partly sunny (more clouds), more wind (SW 10-20, gusty), still dry. Highs range from mid 50s north to 60 south.

Paul’s Outlook for the Twin Cities

Today: More clouds than sun, windy and cool. Winds: W/NW 10-20. High: 44

Tonight: Gradual clearing, frosty late. Low: near 30

Thursday: Mix of clouds and sun, a few degrees milder – closer to average. High: 48

Friday: Mostly cloudy, windy, few sprinkles possible. High: 55

Saturday: Nicer day with more sun, less wind, touch of Indian Summer. High: near 60

Sunday: Cooler with sun giving way to increasing clouds – more wind. High: 57

Monday: Gray with rain likely. High: 51

Tuesday: Drier with partial clearing, cool wind kicks in. High: 48

Wednesday: Partly sunny – still quiet. High: 46

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