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Dry, cold conditions the rest of the week following clipper

Hello and happy Tuesday everyone. I have some very important news… we’ve gained a few minutes of daylight since the shortest day of the year! It wasn’t much, but at least we’re heading in the right direction. Psychologically, it’s a BIG step. we’ll likely have to endure some of the coldest air of the season through January and February, but at least the available amount of vitamin D from the sun will be slightly more each day through the next 6 months. If that isn’t exciting, then maybe some sunshine and blue skies will help today after quite a few days of clouds and sloppy roadways. I’ve been going through the blue juice, the wind shield washer fluid, like water. Cold weather ahead will likely turn blacktop roadways a shade of salty white as they freeze up, so getting that much needed car wash won’t be a bad idea. We’ll likely see mostly dry and cold conditions through the rest of the week after tomorrow’s clipper rolls through with a little light snow. I’ll have more on that in just a second, but let’s take a little intermission and have a little fun… Take a look at the traffic jam in an unlikely place:

These pictures were taken somewhere in Canada on a snowmobile trail. I’m assuming the deer are finding it a little easier to find food with snow not being quite as deep where the sleds are running continuously. Either that or the deer are having their annual family smorgasbord 🙂

More fun from Duluth, MN. The picture below is from a good friend of mine, Rich Koivisto, who was in downtown Duluth over the weekend and caught this image of a surfer on Lake Superior. Large waves were radical enough for some brave souls that dared to enter the icy waters of the coldest and deepest of all the Great Lakes.

The image below shows the just how cold the waters are near the head of the lake. Check those numbers scattered about – the warmest I see is in the upper 30’s. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Either those surfers are die hards or just plain nuts!

Here’s another picture from Duluth taken Monday from another good friend of mine, Wanda Brandt, who wakes up to views like this just about every day. Incredible huh?

OK, back to business. It’ll be quiet again today, but light snow is expected to be sliding through tomorrow. Light accumulations will be possible, mainly in southeaster MN. Below is the weather map on Wednesday.

Cold Blast for 2010
Behind that light snow potential will be a blast of cold air, just in time for 2010. New Year’s Eve will be cold this year, so scoping out that special someone to smooch/keep you warm just after the clock strikes midnight, might not be a bad idea. Note the red colors below, which indicates a sub-zero airmass that’ll stick around for the calendar date January 1st, 2010. By the way, we’ll also be ringing in the New Year with a full moon, which is the 2nd of the month. That makes it a “Blue Moon” – a very rare occurrence – only happens every 2.72 years, thus the phrase once in a blue moon.

Todd’s Outlook for the Twin Cities

Tuesday: Cold start. Mostly sunny, dry and quiet. High: 19

Tuesday Night: Increasing clouds late, not quite as cold. Low: 8

Wednesday: Alberta Clipper rolls in. Clouds increase, flurries and light snow showers. High: 23

New Year’s Eve: A few lingering flurries possible early, then turning windy and colder. High: 15

New Year’s Eve Night: Mostly cloudy and cold, a stray flurry or two possible. Low: -1

New Year’s Day: Bitterly cold sunshine. High: 7

Saturday: More numbing sun. High: 11

Sunday: Sunshine, not as cold. High 15

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