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Big Stone II project faces increasing scrutiny

Opponents of the controversial Big Stone II power-plant expansion are stepping up pressure in their three-year attempt to shoot down plans for the coal-fired electric generator just across the Minnesota border near Milbank, S.D. Read more…

‘Clean Cars’ opponent switches sides

A critical opponent of “California Clean Cars” bills in the Legislature has announced that it now supports the measures after receiving assurances from House author Rep.

State’s next recycling target: old paint

Minnesota is one House vote and one governor’s signature away from a first-in-the-nation law that makes it easier to recycle old paint. Read more… By Mark Neuzil 

Video report: Grass fire season is upon us

Video report: We’ve gone abruptly from winter to spring and the grass and leaves from
last spring are drying out in a hurry. Combine that with heavy winds
and conditions become perfect for grass fires. By Dave Dahl

Voyageurs’ proposed shoreline buys are in limbo

The fate of two parcels of prime shoreline in Voyageurs National Park, including the only remaining island on Lake Kabetogama not partially owned by the National Park Service, remains unclear as Congress wrangles over the funding for their purchase.

Not dead yet: proposed Vermilion State Park

Authorization for Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s proposed Vermilion State Park doesn’t exist in any money bills still standing at the Legislature and the purchase price remains in a curious state of denial.

Video report: What does snowy spring mean for summer temps?

What does all this snow mean for summer temps? I did a little searching
through the record books and found some interesting connections between
snowy, cool springs and the summers that followed — the correlations
are unmistakable.

EPA brass, staff grapple over lead rules

The Bush Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency is no stranger to controversy, and there is more to come within a week or two. This time it’s over one of the most well-known and well-documented toxic substances on the planet: lead.

Video report: Snowiest March ever? Not even close

Snowiest March ever? Not even close. But history tells us that when we get this much snow, it’s indicative that we’re in store for a lot of rain. Video report by Dave Dahl 

Will this winter ever end?

Will this winter ever end? A video report from KSTP-TV’s meteorologist, Dave Dahl. 

‘I want to say one word to you: Plastics’

“Just how do you mean that, sir?” was Benjamin Braddock’s response to Mr. McGuire’s career advice in “The Graduate.” Read more… By Mark Neuzil 

Great Lakes pact: one step forward, one step sideways

Lost amid the media hubbub about the governor of New York was a newsworthy moment for legislation more than eight years in the making that affects all Great Lakes states.A few days before he took early retirement, New York Gov.

What will the Minnesota fire season bring?

We have only about six weeks or so until wildfire season starts in northern Minnesota; if the experience of the last two years — the two worst fires in the region since the 1800s — are a prelude, there could be some big blazes this spring and summer

Another way to go green on St. Patrick’s Day

A new report showing impressive energy savings and environmental improvement by recycling rather than burying beverage containers and paper products in landfills has prompted the launch of three public campaigns to urge Minnesotans to do better than

Big environmental plan runs into big opposition

“Cap and trade” legislation that’s seen as key in meeting goals in Minnesota’s landmark 2007 carbon-emissions law is wilting in the Legislature like an Arctic glacier beset by global warming. Read more… By Rob Way