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And then there was a click

And then there was a click
By Eric Black

A bit of flair, and a crisp demonstration of the less-writing, more-impact effect, in the current New Yorker. A brief “Talk of the Town” piece by Nancy Franklin, titled “The Dolor of Money,” about the court appearance at which the shonda Bernard Madoff pled guilty. His attorney Ike Sorkin asked that Madoff remain free on bail pending sentencing. Franklin’s elegy concludes:

“As soon as Sorkin finished asking that Madoff’s bail be continued, [Judge Denny] Chin said curtly, ‘I don’t need to hear from the government. It is my intention to remand Mr. Madoff.’ [That means, no bail. Jail. Now.] Immediate applause, quickly tamped down by the Judge. Moments later, two court officers approached Madoff, who stood silently and still, and then he moved his arms a little so that his hands were behind his back. And then there was a click.